About us


Evolved Guide was created to connect travelers with authorized tourist guides of Rome and Lazio in a transparent and immediate way. The online platform offers both protagonists an extensive list of choices and advantages for every taste and every budget.

The project stems from in-depth market research and the experience gained by our team in the tourism sector. The goal is to improve similar offers already on the market by facilitating the user-guide relationship and making the most of digital technology.

The guides can preserve their uniqueness by customizing the itineraries in practically every aspect and thus being able to insert all their experience and passion into each tour.

Consequently, travelers will be able to choose, among the many options, the one that best suits them, not only for times and destinations, but above all for contents and ways of facing the chosen destinations. We have also thought about those who plan last minute trips who will be able to take advantage of our last minute and last second offers. And we have reserved a special section for agencies that can count on us even when they receive requests for guided tours for a greater number of customers, at the last minute and in high season. Evolved Guide begins its adventure with a local project, starting from Rome, the capital of tourism. The prospect is to continue with the other Italian and then world tourist destinations to guarantee you an ever wider choice in your cultural paths.

Because our goal is to offer both travelers and guides one of the fundamental aspects of travel: choice.

Evolved Guide is a cultural project realized thanks to the contribution financed by the ?Cultura Futura? Call, POR FESR LAZIO 2007-2013 Axis I.7


Evolved Guide becomes the first platform in the world dedicated to the online booking of authorized private tourist guides for carrying out tours in the main European capitals.

Launched in Rome, in a short time it covered all of Italy and the entire European territory subsequently. The web portal www.evolved-guide.com developed both in Italian and English, integrates a professional booking able to allow private and business users from all over the world (such as tourist agencies and tour operators) to search with an easy and immediate the best tours to associate a professional tour guide.

The project: EVOLVED GUIDE is the first booking in the world of authorized tourist guides supported for internationalization thanks to the co-financing of the European Union in the context of European Projects, Public Notice in implementation of the Lazio Regional Operational Program 2014-2020 and in particular with Action 3.4.1 “Export promotion projects intended for companies and their aggregate forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis”, Sub-Action “Tools for the internationalization of the production system, in accordance with the relevant Program Implementation Method Sheet Operational (?MAPO?) approved with the Regional Council Resolution no. 453 of 26 July 2016 and subsequent amendments and in coherence with L. R. May 27, 2008, n. 5 “Discipline of regional interventions to support the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in Lazio”.

Internationalization: The Lazio Region, through this Notice, aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the Lazio production system by granting grants (non-repayable contributions) for internationalization projects carried out from PMI, in single and associated form, representative of the sectors and regional sectors, primarily those falling within the areas of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) adopted with DGR n. 281 of 31 May 2016.

Thanks to the regional contribution, the Evolved Guide project has been extended to the four main European capitals: Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid, thus making the Italian project born in the city of Rome known.


Evolved Guide is growing and reaching new corners of the world. Its aim is to create walking tour itineraries that can be adopted by professional, authorized and prepared guides that use Evolved Guide as a further tool to practice the profession, differently from locals.?

Evolved Guide?s mission is to allow everyone to easily find a guide at the cost that better fits their budget. Starting from 2022, Evolved Guide will be present in all nations, from America to Europe, including Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

The project EVOLVED GUIDE IN THE WORLD is brought to life in collaboration with the European Union in the context of European Projects, Public Notice ?Incentives to purchase services in support of the internationalization of small and medium enterprises? and in particular with Action 3.4.1 ?Export promotion projects intended for companies and their aggregate forms identified on a territorial or sectoral basis?, Sub-Action ?Tools for the internationalization of the production system.

Thanks to their help, the Evolved Guide project will be known all around the world, by promoting destinations in every country, with a special focus on Italy. Italy counts the highest number of cities and tours on our platform, being the country that features most destinations in UNESCO?s World Heritage List.