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Jordan road trip itinerary

Go on a dream Jordan Road Trip Itinerary. Choose to join a tour of Petra, the oldest city in Jordan, or Amman, Jordan?s capital, to get to know its culture; origins; traditions and the long history.

Where is Jordan located? In the Middle East, on the northern borders of the Arabian Peninsula, between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, lies Jordan. Because of its position it has always been considered a gateway between East and West. Jordan is a kingdom built on sand. A melting pot of colors crossed by a thousand itineraries. That is to say, legendary caravans and kings have mapped out routes traveled by adventurers; heroes and merchants who have crossed and inhabited the desert to seek havens of glory and wealth.

Millennial civilizations have lived here, in this territory, which has always divided the West on one side, with Israel, on the other the Arab world from the dawn of history to the present day. Therefore, desert; sand and expanses of salt water. A place that is certainly fascinating and apparently inhospitable, where a few drops of water are wealth. Jordan: “The Kingdom of the desert people”.

The wonder of its landscapes is able to leave anyone speechless. From the two high sand beaches to the white beaches bathed by one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated seas in the world.

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