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“When I realized that every day I would see this light, I couldn’t believe my happiness”.

One of the greatest artists in history, Matisse, is how he describes Nice. A city that in addition to the seafront and trendy clubs offers much more. From the two museums of Matisse and Chagall, who loved Nice and its light, to the two large cathedrals that of Santa Reparata and that of San Nicola, the largest Orthodox church outside of Russia. Then squares, buildings, parks and wonderful walks.

Extended along the Bay of Angels, one of the places where nature has granted itself the luxury of beauty, Nice, an Italian city until 1860, is today the capital of the French Riviera and a popular destination for beaches and social life.

The beating heart of this lively and colorful city originates in the historic center. It seems almost impossible not to be enveloped by the numerous narrow streets overlooked by warm colored palaces in Baroque style.

You will be breathless in front of one of the most characteristic squares of Nice: Place Massena which connects the old part of the city with the new buildings. How not to notice the reddish color of the buildings, the large blue windows, and its floor that almost seems to form a checkerboard.

Museums, monuments, markets, luxury warehouses and local boutiques guarantee all visitors, regardless of their budget, a truly unforgettable holiday.

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